Meditation For Senior

Top 6 benefits of meditation for senior

  1. Slowing down the progression of Alzheimer’s. A recent study showed that a combination of meditation and breathing exercises can help slow down the development of dementia-related diseases. Other studies suggest that mindfulness meditation helps people cope better with the anxiety, stress, and depression that often accompany memory loss.
  2. Enhancing digestion. The deep breathing that occurs naturally during meditation improves circulation and increases oxygen levels in the blood. For the elderly, regular meditation may afford relief from digestive issues that aren’t caused by other ailments.
  3. Developing a sharp, focused mind. Meditators experience improved focus, creativity, and cognitive function: a great boon for seniors.
  4. Managing moods and emotions. Meditation, with its focus on non-judgmental presence, teaches us that we can observe our emotions without being compelled to react to them. There is also evidence that meditation enhances positive emotions of well-being and empathy for young and old alike.
  5. Improving memory. Meditation stimulates the memory centers within the brain. And since memory loss is one of the undesired “side effects” of aging, improved memory and cognitive function are precious allies as we grow older. Preliminary evidence indicates that mindfulness helps maintain both long- and short-term memory functions.
  6. Promoting relaxation and calmness. Mindfulness for seniors has a calming effect that can’t be achieved by prescription drugs. Meditation helps the elderly relax, organize thoughts more efficiently, and maintain a clear perspective.

Taking 20 minutes of your day to sit still and meditate can work wonders for you too. Potential results include better focus, enhanced calmness, less stress, and improved sleep. You’re also likely to be happier and more mentally alert.

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