7 Innovative Technologies For Elderly

7 innovative Technologies for elderly

There are 7 innovative Technologies for elderly people to make elderly to make it progressively wonderful and simple for the old and seniors to live longer serenely at home.

The user taps the bracelet 3 times to create a distress signal that is sent to the emergency contacts linked to the device. Your exact GPS location is transmitted. Connected to a smartphone, it also provides notification features for incoming calls and important alerts, such as medication reminders.

offers an aid that enables users to control their hearing via an iPhone app, or an Apple Watch via Bluetooth. Users can adjust volume, treble, and bass, and create specific settings for various indoor and outdoor environments.

3. Silver Mother Sensors.
The small devices attach to household items like pill dispensers, refrigerators, and doors. The sensors continuously monitor daily activity, detecting movement of medications and sends a notification when you forget to take your meds.

4. The Park ‘N’ Forget application.
the app helps you find your car with ease. Park ‘N’ Forget helps you locate your car among hundreds of other vehicles and even monitors the amount of time spent in metered parking.

5. Amazon Echo and Google Home.
They act as a virtual assistant connected to a smart speaker. For the senior population, these devices can assist with medication reminders, alert you to upcoming doctor’s appointments and act as a home assistant for cooking and other tasks.

6.Reminder Rosie.
It records all the things a loved one needs to remember in the voice of a family member or caregiver. It sets dates and times for reminders and the alerts are provided by the recognizable voice of a loved one.

The wearable device allows the user to reconnect to places they used to call home. Users also visit famous landmarks or beautiful countries they dreamed of traveling to in person. Revisit the location of your wedding or walk the streets of Paris. The innovative technology helps seniors avoid isolation and re-engages them with new environments.

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